A visit from Long Eaton Round Table

When you are lucky to live in an area of outstanding beauty , you know that  you will be lucky enough to get a visit from another round table at some point in the year, and so it was with Long Eaton Round Table!
They had planned a walk along the amazing beaches and paths of the gower. The only important thing was that they wanted to watch the Australia/ South Africa rugby match at 4pm. After hearing their plans and after a long period of laughter at their optimism, it was agreed to meet up.
We received the expected phone call about 3pm staying in true round table style that
1) they were lost
2) they had found a pub

After picking them up, we headed off to Mumbles Rugby Club for the game, followed by a curry and a few old man ales.
A good night was had by all and we accepted the offer of a return visit (but without the walking!) 3-cliffs-med1