From Norway to Tenby.

On a warm October weekend, swansea round table welcomed back to former members from the land of the fffords. We had visited them early in the year and it was time for the return leg!
Arne and Nicolai had a fantastic time- having spent 4 years living in swansea, it was difficult to find something new to entertain them- then we hit in an idea- driving golf range followed by a trip to Tenby!
A fried breakfast is always the best way to start the day, but I have to say (from someone who hates golf) I really enjoyed the driving range. A bit of aggression was driven away and then to the pub for a few pints while we waited for the transport to arrive.

A few pints later and the transport rang saying there was a delay, a few more pints and another phone call. Another delay and a few more pints and the stories and jokes started to flow. A final phone callĀ  thanked us for our patience with the transport and said it would be only another 3 minutes to wait. That was when the pub broke out in camera phones and laughter as a limo pull up to take us to Tenby!
Only the best for us and our visitors!
A brief drive across to Tenby where we met up with Daffydd and some of the boys from Tenby round table for an amazing night out. Singing, stories and beer was the theme of the night and with the clocks going back we made it back to swansea (in theory) at 3 am- good times